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Classic Wax Cards 09-30-2016 02:51 AM

Baseball Card Binders
I'm wondering how many people use binders with the pocket pages for their cards. I know they were more popular in the past, but I'm curious how many people pull out a binder when they are showing off their cards these days. And I'm not talking about a binder from 30 yrs ago in the basement or garage, I mean binders with pages that are currently being used.

ALR-bishop 09-30-2016 07:59 AM

1948 to 2016--- any day I am in town I am usually going through one of them

EldoEsq 09-30-2016 10:10 AM

I put my lower grade sets in binders...I love them for display purposes, but they make me nervous with high $$$ cards.

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DaClyde 09-30-2016 09:12 PM

I keep all my player collections in binders. Still find myself doing the card pocket shuffle if I didn't leave enough space for a new card. Everything else is sorted into monster boxes to sell.

BenG76 09-30-2016 09:40 PM

I use Unikeep binders for my sets and team sets. They are nice and keep dust and light off the cards since they completely close up.

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steve B 09-30-2016 10:12 PM

I still have a couple sets and some odds and ends in binders, but for standard sized normal stuff I'm mostly getting away from them.

I'll probably leave the 74 set in the binder, even though it's not really a good binder, it's the first big set I put in a binder, and while the 715 issue of SI didn't really fit the pocket so the top got a bit worn I like the overall feel of it. I'll probably have to replace the pages. The "better" binders aren't really better since the pages slump a bit if the binder isn't over filled. I still use binders for stuff line large thin cards, stamps or other stuff like that.

Steve B

Classic Wax Cards 09-30-2016 11:45 PM

As for myself, I was all about binders like a lot of people were 30 years ago when I was a kid. Had player binders, team binders, star card, rookie, set.... spent more time moving cards around then on any other part of the hobby. But I was 10, and it was fun. Got out of collecting for a while. When I came back as an adult I only was involved with limited amounts of older cards. No binders around. Now I'm collecting more actively again and I dont see binders. I wonder if kids still use them? I do keep up locally though and am always looking at collections people are trying to get rid of. Junk mainly. I'd say 60% of the individuals I meet up with that are selling older childhood collections have at least 1 binder involved at some point. Sucks when the good cards are in there. I see a lot of cards that have been in binders for 20+ years. Never good. Sure, they were probably handled by kids for the most part at the time they went in the binder. There's usually bottom corner damage. But a big thing I also see, is that over time, in my location, The top edges of cards get really discolored. Some times like the top 25-33% of the card. I would suppose this is from humidity locally. These days I just use a penny sleeve in a standard top loader. They all go in the white boxes with covers that hold 3 rows of top loaders. I don't really have people around that want to see my cards so its not really an issue. The cards I choose to show are framed and hanging around the bar/house.

Classic Wax Cards 09-30-2016 11:47 PM

Now I want binder pages that hold standard top loaders. Anything like that around?

Bcwcardz 10-03-2016 11:31 PM

Just today I threw away about 200 9 Pocket Ultra Pro sheets. They were collecting dust with nothing in them. I think everyone kept their cards in sheets and binders when I was a kid. Now Im like most, I use penny sleeves for singles. The bulk I have in 5000 count or 800 count. I also have quite a few jammerz which are ok for bulk. I also just picked up a 800 count plastic storage from the container store which was pricey but Im kind of a junkie for card storage.

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Jayworld 10-04-2016 04:20 PM

My complete collection is in binders/Ultra Pro sheets. That includes 9 BCW binders and Ultra Pro sheets for complete Topps sets 1975-80, Fleer 1981, Donruss 1982, Fleer 1983, 2 binders full of football cards, 2 binders of non-sports, and 5 Ultra-Pro binders/sheets for my Japanese baseball card collection....

I prefer the BCW binders, as they seem to last longer that Ultra Pro. In fact, some of my BCW binders are 25 years old and in perfect shape.

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