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Vintage316 04-15-2018 07:49 PM

1969 Kelly's Chip Zip Stickers total POP [PSA,SGC,BVG, raw]
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Hello Net54 Baseball Faithful's, I'm looking for some help on the overall POP and identifying some photos. Looking for the owner or help finding the owners of the photos of Beckett web site #4 Bakken, #7 Starr, #9 Namath [see attached].Looking for owner of Mackey and Hayes in photo to see if they have more Kelly's stickers. Also looking for the owner of the #17 Mike Pyle [vg] in Beckett Registry. I know of 67 different Kelly's stickers. 32 [PSA], 19 [SGC] 4 [BVG] and 12 raw . I know of 5 collector that are set building. I presume there are team collectors and single collectors also. Please either post or PM. me if you can help. I do have 4 traders ,Starr, Nitschke, Bakken and Gabriel. I am willing to listen to any and all trade offer. Also looking for owners of any Kelly's let me Know what you have so we can tell how many Oddball Sticker exist. Thanks, Wayne

commishbob 04-15-2018 08:34 PM

I'm a Baltimore Colts team collector who's been looking for a John Mackey for awhile.

Vintage316 04-15-2018 08:45 PM

Hopefully this post will get you some replies.

kid4hof03 04-16-2018 10:11 AM

I'd also love to hear more from collectors that have any of these in their collections, I've been looking for a Bob Hayes for years.

jefferyepayne 04-16-2018 01:25 PM

I'd love to know why these stickers are soooo difficult to find! Wayne already knows about the three I have.

Working on this set is kinda a joke because you can't ever add any ...


Vintage316 04-16-2018 01:45 PM

Yah, Jeff you are right ......they are pretty darn tough. And you are one of the 5 set builders I know of. Thought if I put this out here it might get ball a rolling. Later I'll list individual players POP that I know. #4 Bakken and #13 Sayers lead the way with 7 each.

JoeMoe 04-17-2018 10:57 AM

I've been looking for the Namath sticker for my PSA Master set for years and I've gotten nowhere. Good Luck with your search!

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