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G1911 08-22-2018 09:53 PM

Wtb/wtt - t220
Looking to complete my master set with low-grade or mid-grade cards. Round corners, creases, pinholes, all desired. Any printing oddities are highly desired.

Looking for any and all of the Silver Borders. Anyone want to sell me a Mike Donovan by chance?

Mecca White Border Needs:
Jack Burke (Mecca Factory 30)
Joe Choynski (Mecca Factory 30)
Young Corbett (Mecca Factory 30)
Leach Cross (Mecca Factory 30)
Jack Dempsey (Mecca Factory 30)
Billy Edwards (Mecca Factory 649)
Bob Fitzsimmons (Mecca Factory 30)
Joe Gans (Mecca Factory 30)
Jack Goodman (Mecca Factory 30)
Young Griffo (Mecca Factory 649)
John C. Heenan (Mecca Factory 30)
Jem Mace (Mecca Factory 30)
Frankie Madden (Mecca Factory 30)
Jack McAuliffe (Mecca Factory 649)
Kid McCoy (Mecca Factory 30)
Charlie Mitchell (Mecca Factory 30)
Pal Moore (Mecca Factory 30)
Freddie Welsh (Mecca Factory 30)
Tug Wilson (Mecca Factory 30)
Fight Between Heenan/Sayers (Mecca Factory 649)
Fight Between Jeffries/Sharkey (Mecca Factory 30)
Fight Between Mace/King (Mecca Factory 30
Fight Between Randall/Turner (Mecca Factory 30)

Tolstoi Needs:
Joe Choynski
Jack Dempsey
Mike Donovan of To-Day
Terry McGovern
Tom Sharkey
Patsey Driscoll/Glover

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