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docpatlv 10-20-2018 10:44 PM

Day 294

2001 Highland Mint framed display...

docpatlv 10-21-2018 08:30 PM

Day 295

1968 Photo Folder...

docpatlv 10-22-2018 09:34 AM

Day 296

1961 Sports Review...

1962 Sport World...

1965 Baseball Illustrated...

71buc 10-22-2018 08:42 PM

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Originally Posted by hcv123 (Post 1802299)
That Rawlings premium is quite scarce. While I haven't seen it sell for that kind of number, I haven't seen one sell in many (15+) years either. Not a shock if that pushed it. Also, IF the Sonnett box was connected to the Clemente glove, that would be pretty rare as well ( no where near as cool as your rawlings box though :)) Agree the rest of the store gloves are no big deal ( I still have my sub collection of store model gloves and believe I have 40+ different ones)

The exact same Clemente Rawlings Advisory Staff photo appeared on eBay. I was not going to miss out on the same photo twice. I am thrilled to finally add one to my collection.

hcv123 10-22-2018 11:21 PM

Glad it was you
Saw it. Had a lowball bid in just to ensure it didn't sell too low (~$200). GREAT item! First I've seen in a long time. Enjoy it.

docpatlv 10-24-2018 10:02 PM

Day 297

1972 O-Pee-Chee...

docpatlv 10-24-2018 10:05 PM

Day 298

1972 Topps...

docpatlv 10-25-2018 01:03 PM

Day 299

2002 & 2003 Celebrity All-Star Weekend patches...

docpatlv 10-26-2018 09:13 AM

Day 300

Signed Index card display...

irv 10-27-2018 11:37 AM


Originally Posted by docpatlv (Post 1822109)

I don't believe I knew until right now that Roberto's full name was Roberto Enrique Clemente Walker. I just assumed his full name was Roberto Clemente, which is ignorant of me because, just looking up Mickey Mantle, I just learned his full name was Mickey Charles Mantle. :o

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