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Exhibitman 09-15-2016 11:31 AM

Ali Career-Contemporary Card List?
Some friends and I were kicking around the concept of checklisting Ali career-contemporary issues, worldwide. I'd ultimately like to get the TPGs to expand their horizons on the slab-sized issues but really I am more interested in expanding the knowledge base.

This is the PSA list of cards through the end of his career. I deleted the foreign postage stamps and compressed the back variations:

1940-1970 "Boxing News" Photos

1960 Hemmets Journal (cut and panel)

1962 Swedish Rekord Journal (cut and panel)

1964 Chocolates Simon

1964 Heinz Veb Eggs Boxing Olympic Games

1964 Mac Robertsons Olympic Quiz Cards

1964 Slania Stamps World Champion Boxers

1965 Bancroft Tiddlers Giants Of Sport (page from a booklet; not a card at all)

1965 Collezioni Lampo I Grandi Campioni

1965 Monty Gum International Stars

1965 Perfetti Candy

1965 Swedish Candy

1965-1969 Dutch Serie M.L.H. Mohamed Ali (3 different cards)

1966 Dc Thomson Hornet Gallery Of Sport (cut and panel)

1966 Panini Campioni Dello Sport (regular and Valida backs)

1967 Panini Campioni Dello Sport

1967 Crack Campeones (the idiots at PSA call this “Figuritas Sport”)

1967 Panini Campioni Dello Sport (regular and Valida backs)

1968 Mira Tuttosport I Campionissimi (regular and Regalo backs)

1968 Panini Campioni Dello Sport (regular and Valida backs)

1969 Shindana Toys Afro-American History Mystery Muhammed Ali (regular)

1969 Victoria Vedetten Parade

1970 Baggioli Caccia Al Campione (well, 1972, but who’s counting?)

1971 Barratt & Co. Limited Famous Sportsmen

1971 Panini Olympia (regular and Bisvalida backs)

1971 Panini Olympia Bisvalida

1971 Panini Olympia Brown Letters

1972 Bergmann-Verlag Munchen '72 (regular and panel)

1972 Editorial Bruguera Todo

1973 Panini Campioni Dello Sport

1973 Panini OK VIP Clay/Frazier

1974 Keisa Ediciones Campeones Del Deporte Mundial

1974 Panini Sport Vedettes

1975 Sprengel/Huberty Schneller...Hoher...Weiter (Ali)/Liston

1975 Sprengel/Huberty Schneller...Hoher...Weiter (Ali)/Joe Frazier

1975 S.T.I.G. Muhammad Ali Superstars Stickers

1975 St. John's Natural Ice Cream Muhammad Ali Punching Bag

1975 St. John's Natural Ice Cream Muhammad Ali Wrapping Hands

1976 Americana Munchen Sport-Parade Muhammad Ali

1976 Americana Munchen Sport-Parade Muhammad Ali

1976 Edis Olimpiadi Clay E Frazier

1976 Panini Montreal 76

1976-1982 Sportscaster (several different, with multiple variations)

1977 U.S. Game System Muhammad Ali Blk.History Playing Cards

1978 FKS Publishers Muhammad Ali Guinness/Record Breakers

1978 Swedish Samlarsaker Ali & Superman

1978 Swedish Samlarsaker Ali & Spinks

1979 Brooke Bond & Co. Limited Olympic Greats Muhammad Ali

1979 Quelcom, S.A. Ases Mundiales Del Deporte

1979 Quelcom, S.A. Ases Mundiales Del Deporte (2 panel)

1979 Sorrisi E Canzoni TV-Hand Cut

1979 Spanera Cigar Bands Boksers Muhammed Ali (various colors)

1979 United Press International Muhammad Ali Great Moments In Sports

1979 Venorlandus Limited World Of Sports Muhammad Ali

1979-1981 Panarizon

1980 George Bassett & Co. Muhammad Ali World Record Breakers

1980 Panini Uomini Illustri

1980 Panini Stickers Muhammad Ali

1980-1981 Svijet Sporta Muhammad Ali

1981 Milo/Nestle Great Moments In Sport Muhammad Ali

1981 Smithsonian Institute Champion Of American Sports Muhammad Ali

1981 Topps Thirst Break Comics Muhammad Ali

There are cards missing from this list because PSA either won't grade them or they are too rare for PSA submissions thus far. Some of those cards are:

1960s Exhibit

1967-ish Kid Herman

1960s-1970s Israeli card

1960s Uruguay tin coin

1960s Sport Pix

1962 “pog” (Argentina)

1965 Anteojito (Argentina)

1969 New York Weekly Boxing News

1969 Shindana Toys Afro-American History Mystery Muhammed Ali (large/prototype)

1970s “pog” (Argentina)

1970s Fan Fotos (multiple)

1971 Television Independente de Mexico Ali-Frazier

1972 Ases del Ring (Mexico)

1975 TEKS Ali-Frazier (Philippines)

1976 Grandes Deportistas (Mexico)

1978 Estrellas Del Cuadrilatro (Mexico)

1980 Deportistas (Argentina)

1981 TEKS Holmes-Ali

D. Bergin 09-15-2016 08:14 PM

Great reference thread Adam.

What about all the various Malaysion Ali/Bugner cards with the playing card backs?

FourStrikes 09-17-2016 04:07 AM

Cassius Clay - Stephin Fetchit
2 Attachment(s)
c. 1970s (?) postcard with Stepin Fetchit (green ink) signature at bottom.

aljurgela 09-20-2016 01:52 PM

Cool. Thanks Adam!
Great information.


Exhibitman 09-21-2016 03:04 PM

Yes, there are at least three sets of those, Dave (good catch), but so damned HTF that I haven't got a good grasp on them yet.

1975 Malaysia “Menko” Muhammad Ali Small Numbers On Front: This is a potential whale of a set. It appears that the makers literally took every photo from Ali’s media day in Malaysia before the Bugner bout and made it into a color card, each about the size of a large commemorative postage stamp, with a red playing card back.

1975 Malaysia “Menko” Muhammad Ali Large Numbers On Front: This is a more interesting issue than the small numbers set and has brown playing card backs. It depicts not merely one media day with Ali but action scenes from various Ali fights. I have identified opponents Joe Bugner from their first fight in Las Vegas and George Foreman from the Zaire bout. I also think I spotted Ken Norton on one.

1975 Malaysia “Menko” Muhammad Ali No Numbers On Front: These cards closely resembles Japanese menko cards with playing card and lucky number backs printed in red. They are the most difficult to find among the three. As I do not read the language I cannot determine whether it is Chinese, Japanese or something else. Can anyone help:

Note that the plain Jack card back corresponds to the small blue circle from the media day set.

FWIW, there will be lots from all three issues that I know of in the LOTG boxing auction later this year.

slmc 09-26-2016 01:56 PM

I add this italian cards/stickers

Ed Nannina 1968/69
Olympia 72 panini sticker variant
Lampo 1965 variant soft paper
il giornalino-1984 sticker
il giornalino-1985 sticker
il giornalino-1996 sticker
Panini tatoo years 80
Ed Alpe years 70 caricature like ok vip

Exhibitman 01-31-2017 02:24 PM

I've found three more of the Stepin Fetchit PCs.

sthoemke 01-31-2017 03:25 PM

Great list.

The 1962 "Pog" is should be titled 1962 PO-PO DISC.

Bancroft Tiddler card has 2 different backs.

sthoemke 01-31-2017 03:33 PM

1 Attachment(s)
1972 Ajman Olympic Muhammad Ali 3D Stamp-Souvenir Sheet (card stock)

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