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jerseygary 12-16-2009 12:26 AM

Negro League Scorecards Movie Props
I posted a few of these in the Negro League thread a few weeks ago. These are props I made a few years ago for a movie about the Negro Leagues that never made it to production and sadly never will due to legal rambling and then loss of interest. So I got stuck with stacks of these fantasy scorecards that never saw the light of day until now. I needed to recreate scorecards for all 6 of the Negro National League teams circa 1943-45 as well as a few others such as the KC Monarchs and a G.I. World Series game. I did a Bushwicks, House Of David and East-West Game but can't find what box those are in up in the attic.

I have always been interested in old ephemera and creating these were a blast for me and I over-did the detail that normally goes into Hollywood props. I tried to find the actual uniform numbers for the players and there are so many little details in there I am still surprised looking at them. All the ads are fake, or "cleared" as they call it in Hollywood, meaning the names are not real, but look real at a quick glance. You can see where some ads are very close to actual ads in real scorecards but different details. I usually use family or friends names when doing props so there is no problem with credits.

These were printed on an ink-jet printer on an uncoated paper which combined to make the scorecard look like it was printed during the war on cheaper paper. They really look real at first glance but will never fool anyone - if the fake ads don't give it away then my name and website on it will!

Actual Negro League scorecards were usually generic designs or teams used the same ones the Yankees, Giants or minor league team whose stadium they were playing in used at the time. I was asked to design period-correct designs that were specific to the team instead and to make them visually interesting.

Well, here they are, seeing the light for the first time...


canjond 12-16-2009 12:31 AM

Very cool stuff!

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