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StuckInOmaha 02-20-2017 05:27 PM

Perhaps a few clues about Howe's collection and when it hit the market
Thanks to everyone for the heads-up on the large collection of Howe's cards that became available on eBay yesterday. Apparently, when I contacted the seller, I wasn't the first to reach out to him, which took him by surprise, but it let me ask a few questions that could fill in some gaps of when the cards came to market.

I reached out to the seller, and asked about his listings that all said he had rubber stamped the cards when he got them as a kid, and someone else had already stamped them by that time. That would have been Howe. So I asked exactly when would he have been a kid? His response is below....

Well, I certainly didn't think this would create such a stir. I've heard from a few collectors about this. Was he a contemporary of Burdick? I'd never heard of his name before.
When I was about 16 (1969), I had become very interested in Cleveland baseball history and wanted to collect something other than the current Topps issue. I subscribed to one of the early trading card hobby papers and got in touch with Wirt Gammon of Florida. He was one of the hobby giants in those days and I suppose he is the one who bought McCormick's collection. I bought all of the Cleveland Naps that he had which gave me almost the entire team set (he had other non-McCormicks). Because of the stamp, I figured I may as well make my own mark on them; never realizing how very popular (and expensive) they would become later on.

Previous to this, the earliest I knew of any of Howe's cards belonging to someone else then coming to my collection,was 1974 This takes it back to 1969, when at least nine of the cards moved at one time to another collector, who has held them since that time. And I had never heard of Wirt Gammon, but that would make sense for someone in the area to have gotten the collection in a big chunk, then selling them via hobby magazines and shows, with the results still showing up 42 years later.

Not much of a story, but thought I'd share. And again, with thanks to everyone for help in this project.

rajah424 02-20-2017 05:37 PM

Is there a link to these auctions?

Jantz 02-20-2017 05:46 PM

Good story Ed!

Where was the Ebay seller from? I see you mentioned he was interested in Cleveland baseball history, but he may have lived somewhere else. I'm just curious of the travels Howe's T206s have taken.



trdcrdkid 02-20-2017 05:52 PM

Wirt Gammon was one of the most prolific writers for hobby publications from the 1940s to the 1980s. He was a sportswriter in Tennessee. In his column for the Ballcard Collector in the late 60s and early 70s, he frequently wrote about big lots of T206s he had bought, and he sold them at bulk rates. When you subscribed to his newsletter, he would send you a free T206. I have just about all of his columns from 1947 on, in various publications (Sports Exchange Trading Post, Sport Fan, Sport Collector, Sports Trader, Ballcard Collector, Sports Collector's Digest).

Exhibitman 02-20-2017 06:12 PM

Wirt Gammon was the subject of a Wagner story that typifies how the old school collectors used to behave. He wanted a Wagner and found a collector with one who refused to sell it. Gammon kept trying, finally just sending the collector a blank check. The collector filled in the first offer because he hadn't been negotiating, he just didn't want to sell the card. Source: The Complete Book of Baseball Cards by Steve Clark (1976).

RedsFan1941 02-20-2017 06:50 PM

Perhaps a reader will help ...

midmo 02-20-2017 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by trdcrdkid (Post 1633492)
he frequently wrote about big lots of T206s he had bought


Originally Posted by trdcrdkid (Post 1633492)
I have just about all of his columns from 1947 on, in various publications

It would be really cool if Gammon happened to write an article about his McCormick collection purchase. This should keep you busy this week David. :)

StuckInOmaha 02-20-2017 07:43 PM

Special thanks to a board member who has agreed to be a bidding partner as the two of us try and corner the market on these nine. I'll keep everyone posted as to our success.

Jobu 02-20-2017 07:56 PM

The 1969 date is interesting because he died in 1976, as you showed us previously (

I wonder what made him sell his collection (at least) 7 years before he passed away.

Jason 02-20-2017 09:55 PM

Great backstory on a very interesting collection. Hopefully more information comes to light on these.

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