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Luke 05-20-2015 09:43 AM

battlefield0516 t206 on ebay
This scumbag has listed a bunch of t206 that look really nice. They are most likely photoshopped. Just a heads up.

jlehma13 05-20-2015 12:54 PM

Thanks, Luke. Hopefully this thread can remain up top for all to see.

Cozumeleno 05-20-2015 01:02 PM

Funny thing was that in my regular daily T206 searches, I saw a bunch of these and didn't even need to click on them to know whose they were just by the titles :D

pawpawdiv9 05-20-2015 01:40 PM

Yep, we got a few post-war threads on this guy as well from a few collectors.

rednecksims 05-20-2015 02:42 PM

I almost fell for a few of his auctions but recognized the name from another site where they had listed is fraudulent auctions. Too bad as some of the "scans" would make some nice cards.


The Nasty Nati 05-20-2015 02:57 PM

I bought a raw t206 Huggins Hands At Mouth from him about a year ago. In the description he had all this bs like it was the nicest raw example you'll ever find of this Hofer. From the picture I could tell the corners were a bit rounded, but I figured it would still be in GD to VG condition. But after receiving it in the mail, there was heavy paper loss in the bottom left corner that never showed up in the photo. It was as if he lightened the photo of the card enough to make it seem undetectable.

I didnt spend all that much on the card so I wasn't too bummed, but if you describe a card as VG+ and you know darn well it's not, that's a shady seller.

slipk1068 05-20-2015 03:49 PM

I guess I am lucky. He or she blocked me from bidding.

mybuddyinc 05-20-2015 03:53 PM

Also got to love NO back scans ....... but stated has "nice back."

Not sure where "nice" fits into anyone's grading scale. :confused::eek::confused:

rdixon1208 05-20-2015 05:16 PM

Some of the T205's that were sold last week are back on ebay. I bought the Joss from him and the scan was clearly Photoshopped. He refunded my money right away. I left him negative feedback. Now the same card is back on ebay with the same photoshopped scan. This seller is a fraudulent POS!

Robert Dixon

willworkforT206 05-20-2015 11:03 PM

battlefield0516 is a person named Carol who resides in Dothan, Alabama. I won a couple of the raw T205 auctions that ended on May 5th. When I received the cards I was really disappointed. The backs of both cards had thick, dark, golden brown, horizontal lines covering them. They looked awful!

I usually don't bid on listings without back scans, but took my chances based on the very positive descriptions and the return policy. I've requested a refund and mailed the cards back recently. The person has been cooperative so far.

The front scans for the T205s I won didn't appear to be photoshopped, but the cards were definitely removed from a scrapbook. I noticed the person listed more T205s yesterday and none of the listings have back scans.


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