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Chuck9788 09-11-2017 09:10 PM

Hello, I'm new to the board
Hello fellas. My name is Chuck. I was born in Vermont, high school on the New Jersey shore, college in Rhode Island and I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada for 20 years.

I saw the site from just browsing around.

Vintage baseball cards are the only items that I kept from my younger years. Over time I picked up some more.

Almost all of my cards are from years 1909-1979 and I only collect raw cards. I focus on HOF and quality semi star players.

I'd say my best cards are as follows :

1909 T-206 : John McGraw (portrait, no cap)
1909 T-206 : Joe Tinker (bat on shoulder)
1933 Goudey : Jimmie Foxx
1933 Goudey : Frankie Frisch
1934 Goudey : Mickey Cochrane
1934-36 Diamond Stars : Pie Traynor
1938 Goudey (Heads Up) : Charlie Gehringer
1939 Play Ball : Lefty Gomez
1939 Play Ball : Hank Greenberg
1939 Play Ball : Bill Dickey
1940 Play Ball : Connie Mack
1941 Play Ball : Mel Ott
1948 Bowman : Bob Feller
1949 Bowman : Roy Campanella (rookie)
1953 Topps : Satchel Paige
1954 Topps : Jackie Robinson
1958 Topps : Ted Williams
1962 Topps : Stan Musial
1962 Topps : Sandy Koufax
1964 Topps : Mickey Mantle
1965 Topps : Willie Mays
1966 Topps : Jim Palmer (rookie)
1967 Topps : Rod Carew (rookie)
1968 Topps : Johnny Bench (rookie)
1976 Topps : Hank Aaron (autographed, I met him in 1982)

I own many more vintage HOF cards, but those above stick out right now.

Anyway, It's REALLY cool to be here. I look forward to reading and sometimes posting in the future.

ronniehatesjazz 09-11-2017 09:26 PM

Welcome Chuck! Nice collection you have. I'm stumbled across this forum a few years ago and have learned a ton. Always nice to see new people posting on here.

Leon 09-11-2017 09:56 PM

Nice assortment of cards there. Welcome to the community.

NiceDocter 09-11-2017 10:03 PM

Hello Chuck and welcome to the board. Collecting raw cards has its good and its bad..... you can get some better prices but also can get burned when you try to resell and it turns out they were trimmed, doctored, ink added, etc. So be careful, most stuff bought decades ago is valid, now I would say if you are going to buy an expensive card, its safer to buy it in a PSA or SGC slab..... just my two cents being a collector of the same kind of stuff you have for over 50 years now.....

CW 09-11-2017 10:55 PM

We can never have too many Chucks here. Welcome!

vintagerookies51 09-11-2017 11:38 PM

Good taste in collecting, HOFs are the best. Welcome aboard!

JollyElm 09-12-2017 12:33 AM

Welcome aboard, Chuck!!

Chuck9788 09-12-2017 12:33 AM


Originally Posted by NiceDocter (Post 1700194)
Hello Chuck and welcome to the board. Collecting raw cards has its good and its bad.... be careful,..... just my two cents being a collector of the same kind of stuff you have for over 50 years now.....

pThanks for the welcome fellas. NiceDoctor, I look forward to reading you and other knowledgeable Net54baseball members posts. Much appreciated.

As for raw cards. My reasoning is that I sometimes lose ALL of the "vintage feeling" with authenticated cards. A buddy of mine has PSA graded cards. The cards are shielded in a "Superman" like ice fortress encasement unable to be pulled out for viewing (and these cards are not highly valuable).

Plus, I can not allow for the words "Fair", "Good" or "Poor" to be located anywhere near Baseball King names such as Ted Williams, Napoleon Lajoie, Yogi Berra, etc...regardless of the cards physical condition, haha.

I may be interested in gaining a Ruth, Gehrig or DiMaggio card within a year. If I do purchase, they will be authenticated. Well ..... maybe grab a raw for the DiMaggio (I like the 1948 Leaf).

swarmee 09-12-2017 05:20 AM

Welcome to the boards; this is a fun place to hang around. Just try to have a thick skin.

Mark70Z 09-12-2017 06:14 AM


Welcome aboard. Hope you have a great time on the site.

Just one comment on the raw. For the higher priced cards, as others have said, I'd personally purchase slabbed. Then if you don't like the card in the tomb break it out and it will be raw again.

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