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Matt 04-26-2009 09:14 AM

vBulletin How To: Make it Look Like the Old Forum and Private Messaging
Today's topic looks at a few high-demand requests from the previous attempt and both appear in the "User Options" page. The first is how to customize your Private Messaging options and the second is how to make the forum look like the old network54 forum.

1) The easiest way to edit your options is to find the button on the NavBar (the blue bar with navigation links at the top of every page) that says "Quick Links" and click it to expand this menu:

<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

2) From the menu, click the link to "Edit Options."

3) The screen that is brought up contains a number of settings that you can customize. We will focus on two sections.

The first is titled "Messaging & Notification." Here you will find all the settings related to the Private Messaging capability of the forum. Private Messaging is a great way to communicate with other forum members without having to worry about emails getting bounced or going into SPAM filters. When you send another member a PM, they will get it (and also get an email notifying them a PM was sent, if that option is enabled).

<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

I don't think I can add anything to the descriptions provided already in the software. One note: By default, the option to "Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder" is not enabled - this is a bug in the vBulletin software but can easily be enabled if you want records of outgoing messages.

The second section is where you can change the style and have the thread view look more like it used to. In order to make this change, towards the bottom of the same page, find the section titled "Miscellaneous Options." The last option is titled "Forum Skin" (not to be confused with a Bris).

<img src="" alt="[linked image]">

For those who want to be able to view threads in a style more consistent with the old look of Network54, select the "Model-T" option from the selection box. To change it back, return the selection to "Use Forum Default." (The other two settings can be ignored and look the same as the default)

4) When finished changing your options, please remember to click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

The result, is that when viewing posts in a thread, you will see them like this:

<img src="" />

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