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robw1959 03-09-2017 03:28 PM

Jaw-Dropping Grades
I'm pretty certain that everyone who has submitted vintage cards multiple times has had to have been disappointed by the grades their cards have received, at least on occasion. If you're like me, you've actually been disappointed more often than not.

But in this thread I am fishing for success stories - for results that were better than expected. For example, I sent a raw T206 Piedmont Ty Cobb bat-on version in to SGC nearly two years ago. It was supposedly from an estate sale, and had what I would consider moderately light corner wear, excellent centering, and vibrant blue ink on back. I really expected a 3 or 4 at best, and of course was afraid of receiving the worst news, like having the card come back graded "authentic" only due to evidence of some kind of alteration. Imagine my shock when it received an SGC 60!

So I'm looking for stories like that one - awesome raw grades or better than expected crossover grades. Would anybody like to chime in?

bobbyw8469 03-09-2017 03:58 PM

I once submitted a common from a bulk lot of 1968's I won from an auction house many years ago. It got a PSA 10 and sold for big money.

darkhorse9 03-09-2017 04:05 PM

I picked up a Butterfinger Lou Gehrig a while back that I submitted. It came back as a 6. What's cool is that was the highest graded version of that card. My first ever Pop 1.
Sold it for a tidy profit.

stlcardsfan 03-09-2017 04:07 PM

Not pre-war, but I recently submitted my Walton Payton RC that I opened from a pack at age 10 in 1976. I still remember I had all the teams separated and rubber banded. I took good care of the cards though. It does have a bit of a rubber band impression on one side of the card if you look very closely. Centering is awesome. I thought it was a solid 6 and fully expected that grade. It came back an 8!!!! I couldn't believe it and counted my lucky stars.

Batpig 03-09-2017 05:30 PM

Not pre war, but 2 that come to mind are a Doctor J rookie that I had slated as a 7.5 or 8. It had nice edges, corners, and front centering, but had a yellow print mark in addition to the normal fish eye, and horrible back centering. It came back a 9. Another was an 86 Jordan sticker. I thought I had cleaned all the wax off of it, but missed a small amount on the first sub and it came back 8 ST. I cracked it out, recleaned it, resubbed, and got a straight 9.

I'm also frequently surprised by the grades I get on 56 Topps. I have no idea why, but it seems like they're much more forgiving on that year vs 57-59.

ullmandds 03-09-2017 06:01 PM

I had a 33 WWG Ruth that SGC rejected as altered...PSA graded it 4.

Paul S 03-09-2017 06:02 PM

Back in the Sixties when I was in my teens I would buy T206s and thought the backs were interesting but...One was a Red Hindu Duffy that I consigned to an AH in 2014, who had it graded. Came back SGC 55 - highest graded either SGC or PSA.

ngnichols 03-09-2017 06:10 PM

Bought a very nice 1959 Topps - Hank Aaron/Ed Matthews - #212 - Fence Busters. Was a grey back and ended up as a BVG 8 which was a POP 1, highest graded in that card as a grey back. Only 8 BVG 8's, 1 BVG 8.5 and 1 BVG 9 as white backs.

Griffins 03-09-2017 06:20 PM

I once submitted a few '13 Lajoie game cards that I'd picked up. Granted, they have round corners and are pretty inexpensive, but they are still 100 years old. I was shocked when I saw my grades online to see a couple of 9's and a 10.
Looked at it really close when it came back and honestly couldn't tell a difference between the 10 and the 9's.

jb67 03-09-2017 07:09 PM

I picked up a small card collection about 3.5 years ago from a craigs list ad. Decided I would try and do some selling on Ebay. While most of the cards were mid-grade it did have a very nice looking 1970 Roberto Clemente. I ended up selling it on Ebay for 99.00 and it was one of my first sales so I was pretty pumped. Then I get the dreaded return notice on the card. The buyer said it was trimmed so I let it go at that.

Fast forward a few months later and I decided to submit it for grading. I was pretty sure it would come back as evidence of trimming and much to my surprise it came back a PSA 9!!! Never so happy to have a return on Ebay after I got those results. The reason I submitted was I compared to other 70's cards I had and it was same size and everything look good to my novice eyes.

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