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revmoran 03-26-2016 03:29 PM

Jim Thorpe
I didn't notice a thread on Jim Thorpe alone, and rather than get off track on the 100 Best Books thread I thought I'd start one - and offer this to get it going - a program from Thorpe's football tenure with the Portsmouth Shoe-Steel team. I haven't seen another example, and would love to see a Portsmouth home program with a team photo. I also found an article about the game online

revmoran 03-26-2016 03:42 PM

I'll post one more for now - fast forward 25 years from that football game and Jim Thorpe is signing autographs at The New England Sportsman's and Boat Show - and on the reverse of the page is Ted Williams, which makes the 1959 Fleer card the perfect companion.

DBesse27 03-26-2016 11:17 PM

Love that card. Hell, I love the whole set.

TanksAndSpartans 03-28-2016 10:40 AM

Mike, great idea for a thread! Love the Shoe-Steel program - what a great piece of history.

I looked up this game in Home & Away - it was a big deal for Portsmouth to play in the “big city”. Becker documented that Creasy was looking for a tougher game (apparently they had played a soft schedule to date). The Guards offered 37% of the gate and the Steels took it and started “loading up” (common practice of signing ringers for big games). One of the players signed was Russell Hathway who had played for the Maroons and Bisons in the NFL. The Norfolk and Western ran an excursion train to Cincinnati. There is no exact attendance figure, but one newspaper estimated at 5-7 thousand which may have been a Redland stadium record. (As your article shows, the Cincinatti newspapers definitely played up Thorpe's appearance - Becker mentioned "fathers last chance to take their sons see the great Jim Thorpe.") Portsmouth lost the game 19-12, but this was one of the games Thorpe was healthy for as we know he threw a touchdown pass. No other game stats were provided in the book.

jefferyepayne 03-31-2016 01:43 PM

Wow. Surprised this thread isn't getting more love from the pre-war thorpe collectors out there. I know who you are!

I've shown most of my Thorpe football stuff on the Ode to Pre-War Football thread but here are a couple of non-football items you might enjoy.


RollieFingers 03-31-2016 04:15 PM

is it rude to ask how much they cost?
i think thats a valid detail in collecting

GasHouseGang 03-31-2016 06:30 PM

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I picked this up because it had Thorpe in it.

TanksAndSpartans 03-31-2016 06:49 PM

Great items everyone! I'm hoping the member who owns the Capitol Candy Thorpe in the SGC holder posts that one....

scooter729 03-31-2016 09:02 PM

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Not quite so contemporary as some of the others, but tough to find in its own right...

Filthy 04-01-2016 09:21 AM

These are all amazing!

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