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Default Set Collectors - Report in your progress!

Would love to hear how other set collectors out there are doing against their goals and report in their progress. All the set collectors I know are usually into stats and spreadsheets (I am! Lol) to track progress and LOVE hitting milestones along the way. Here is where I am at, current goal is to attack the 1960's Topps base set runs, before I jump back into the 1950's.

1960 - 1980 Topps 13,224/13,724 Need 500 96% Complete

1970's Topps 7,011/7011 100% Complete
1960's Topps 5,487/5,987 91% Complete

Set's Currently Working on -

1965 Topps 414/598 69%
1964 Topps 465/587 79%
1962 Topps 457/598 76%
1961 Topps 534/587 91%

*Primary focus is on 1961 Topps High Numbers, mostly All-Stars, chipping at others when good deals arise. Re-Completing 64 & 65 due to upgrades and helping other collectors a year ago. Most recent complete was the tough 63 Topps.

Side sets -

1963 Fleer 50/67 75%

*3rd time I am putting this set together, not a big fan just thought it would look cool in the 63 Topps binder so chipping away.

SGC Graded Harmon Killebrew Base Cards 14/20

*Favorite player, just thought it would be cool to have each card in SGC graded 7 or higher. The hardest part is just availability unless I send in some myself, not sure if I am that interested enough to do that, although it would be a lot cheaper in the long run considering I have about 4-6 cards of each year easy, some I think would grade 7 or highter. Just easier to buy them already graded.

Latest Milestone - Getting to 500 cards needed for the entire Topps 60's base cards. Seems like I'm almost there, only 500 out of 5, 987 cards, but then I think of the box of 500 that represents and some of the cards I have left, and it seems like I'm still climbing the mountain!

Check in with your progess! I love hear how others are doing...and I know there are a lot of folks here that compete with me day in and day out for the same cards...I've said this before, I wish it wasn't so anonymous on these auctions, I would enjoy talking battle scars after some of the fights!
John Otto

1966 - 1990 Complete
1965 Topps 423/598
1964 Topps 513/587
1963 Fleer 59/67
1963 Topps Complete
1962 Topps 457/598
1961 Topps 578/587
1960 Topps Complete
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