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Originally Posted by jacksoncoupage View Post
Yeah, good thread!

Three of my favorite junk era cards in this set:

815 Billy Ashley "Coming Attractions" - I still rescue these from commons boxes. He was supposed to be the next great Dodger and this was a great solo Topps RC.

633 Three Russians - A bizarre card that caught many by surprise at the time.

422 J.T. Snow - one of his few cards depicting him as member of the Yankees, another guy, along with Piazza and Salmon who was red hot for a bit in 1993. Especially in So. California.

All the Rockies and Marlins dual player cards. Though none panned out, this was a great assortment of bizarre prospects who hadn't seen a Bowman card yet (many never would either).
Wow, totally forgot about 633 Three Russians--what an interesting card.

The Rockies and Marlins Jeter rookies are two of my favorites. Just a great little landmark of my childhood. I remember my dad being super excited about expansion and opening tons of '93 Topps packs pulling all those random guys out.
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