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The Klipsch company has been a high level audiophile producer (especially in the realm of speakers - the Klipsch horn corner standing unit can produce some of the most amazing bass notes I've ever heard) for a long, long time.

They've partnered with a turntable maker here and at $600 I can't see how you could go wrong if you are simply looking to play some vinyl you have had stashed away for a while.

Could I make one suggestion? Before you plunk down the 600 beaners check out your vinyl. Did you take care of them? It would be a downer I think to get all reved up and when you spin that first old disc be crushingly disappointed with a hiss, pop and scratch filled listening experience. Even investing several times the $600 in an audio system will not make the vinyl new again. Just a heads up.

Other than that I'd say the product is a pretty attractive unit, and like I said, in this day and age $600 is very reasonable.
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