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Originally Posted by Rich Klein View Post
Seeing those from Randy reminded me of the detailed work I used to see from him back in my Beckett days.

All those variations are now in COMC data base.

Keep em coming! And not just 1991 Fleer!

Hi Rich, a few questions:

1) Are you the only one handling correction requests at COMC? I have a very long history of submitting variation info on inventory there, only to see it "completed" but no change made. A great example was the 5+ times I asked COMC to correctly identify the 1990-91 Fleer Bill Cartwright "no decimal" variation.

2) Would it be best to send you info through this site? Or via email?

3) Please check out my blog some time: junkwaxgems. A lot of time went into making a site full of free info on interesting and notable variations specific to the junk era to post-catalog entry sets (seeing as mass hobby interest died out after 1991ish).

4) Do you have a contact at COMC who could review a situation with some of my items sitting in limbo? Feel free to PM if you could help. It is a variation related issue.


PS, just put in a correction request for the 1990 Donruss Gregg Jefferies name variation, see item 6074172 for an example of the odd version.
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