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Originally Posted by jacksoncoupage View Post
Hi Rich, a few questions:

1) Are you the only one handling correction requests at COMC? I have a very long history of submitting variation info on inventory there, only to see it "completed" but no change made. A great example was the 5+ times I asked COMC to correctly identify the 1990-91 Fleer Bill Cartwright "no decimal" variation.

2) Would it be best to send you info through this site? Or via email?

3) Please check out my blog some time: junkwaxgems. A lot of time went into making a site full of free info on interesting and notable variations specific to the junk era to post-catalog entry sets (seeing as mass hobby interest died out after 1991ish).

4) Do you have a contact at COMC who could review a situation with some of my items sitting in limbo? Feel free to PM if you could help. It is a variation related issue.


PS, just put in a correction request for the 1990 Donruss Gregg Jefferies name variation, see item 6074172 for an example of the odd version.
Answering in the best way possible

As for issue #4
For the COMC issue -- about your cards in limbo you can reach me at and I will forward the customer service issue to whom handles those.

As for the Jefferies

I saw the Jefferies note and could not describe it correctly -- I could not quite figure out the difference so give me another note with EXACTLY how you want that differentiated and I'll add that

As for the 1st question:

No, I'm not the only one making changes BUT that is an important part of my role to work on the data base and make those types of adds. Please use the correction request feature on COMC and we'll keep at it. I love adding all this material. Some of this we had separated in the DB but no more descriptions, I'm working on adding those detailed notes as I did on a Chrome Strasburg variation this morning.

Update: Cartwright is now properly ID'd -- and was when I checked the DB a few minutes ago!

As for question #2

I figured this site was a good way to get the word out ---

I also make no guarantees I will get to everything so don't get frustrated if I miss one or two -- OK Zach there is the smiley face It was good seeing you at the National BTW

And I'll try to get to your web site --please send a link to my COMC address and I'll go through that.
Look for our show listings in the Net 54 Calendar section

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