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AH, ok that makes sense.

I read it as you saying the differences were caused by the cardstock, rather than being consistently on one stock or another.

I can see the lines being consistent within a print run. These were all laid out by hand, and I don't think much care was taken to make them identical.
That's a bit odd, there should have only been one piece of original art, they must have been using a picture and assembling the team names onto the picture when they assembled the mask. It's probably a bit easier to make the names and position/team boxes all at once, but it leaves room for a LOT of mistakes and sloppiness.

I checked my two, and I've got the green line (like the top card ) with a white back, and one with a very thin blue line with a gray back.

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Originally Posted by Harford20 View Post
The color of the ink on the card was different (one brighter/deeper than the other) between the gray and the white card-stocks. When I first read about the cropping variations, the cards I looked at with a given crop (either the hat or the shirt lines) seemed to correspond to the ink color and the corresponding card-stock color. I'll admit, the sample size I looked at was not large (and maybe I assumed it was ONLY the card stock difference a bit early). If there are cropping variances within the same color card-stock/same color line Ted cards, I have not seen enough cards to catch that.

As I have not seen the red line and the no-line variations, are these available with both card stocks? Are these the versions that seems to have a premium cost attached?

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