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Default 1964-65 Topps Hockey "Tall-Boys"

OK the basketball guys have their '69-'70 Topps "tall-boys" with the Alcindor RC, but that set is easy compared to our hockey set '70-'71 Topps basketball "tall-boys"? I completed that set blindfolded!
The football side will claim the '65 Topps "tall-boys" with the Namath and Biletnikoff RCs, which do present a challege I suppose. All you need for your Namath is a "fat stack 'o cash", and as for Biletnikoff, if he is so tough how come I have an extra one?
The toughest "tall-boy" set to complete is the '64-'65 Topps hockey!
110 cards in the hockey set, and released in two series. High numbered cards #56-#110 are tough to find!
I'm down to ten cards needed, so I'm getting there. Biggest card I still need is #106 Stan Makita All-Star.
Who else collects this set?
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