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Originally Posted by Snapolit1 View Post
Interesting Scott, and I have thought about stuff like this in the past. I think the downside (and limitations on this) is really psychological. For most collectors, owning their little thing -- whatever it is -- really is the essence of a collection. It's mine, I can look at it at 2 am in my pajamas, I can sell off pieces on a whim, I can show it to friends on occasion. All about 100% controlling it. This kind if arrangement really means giving up control of that thing you cherish.

I have been part of a few horse racing partnerships. Fun for a while, but eventually you realize that you have no control over anything and are merely along for the ride. The thrill eventually wears off because you actually don't own anything. Same thing with timeshare real estate.
Agreed -- which is why I think a share in the ownership of the museum is crucial, because it's like a dividend payment if its run properly -- or is that how timeshares work as well? i've never bought into one of those -- but I think putting up a non-cash asset to get thrown cash divs is kind of intriguing.......there's a million reasons why it wouldn't work, but wonder often if there's 100 people or so that think it could. Who knows? It just shocks me there's no national baseball card museum --- and short of having $20 mln or so to start a biz that may fail, I don't have a better idea to get it off the ground.
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