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That looks like a nice example of a Ruth Hanna bat. I still don't see why this concludes mine is a store bat? Because of the weight? From my understanding Ruth lightened his weight later in his career and also could have lost up to 4 ounces or so... So my bat is a later model Hanna that has no patent stamp on the knob, and to me exhibits Ruth game use characteristics with checking, swelling, cleat marks, dugout stair marks as seen on other Ruth H&B bats, and some paint scuffs, possibly from the bat racks... Measures 35 1/2 inches, not 36" like a store bat model ta 56 would have came out, to me meaning it must have been shortened at some point.. and the weight being 33.2 oz could put it in the 37-38 ounce region is what some of his 30's bats weigh. In 2005 somebody posted a link of Ruth with a Hanna bat on here. Anybody know anything about that picture?? The link has stopped working now
Thanks Cody
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