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Originally Posted by thecatspajamas View Post
Only other thing I can think of is if the item was "on sale" (ie marked down using the Markdown Manager feature) when you bought it, then the price reverted to the full base price once the promotion period was over. This used to happen to me on a regular basis, as a seller, when I would use that feature to run sales. I'd go back to the listing later to check something, and be confused when the actual sale price didn't match what was shown. I had to be careful when refunding that I didn't refund too much (As in one item refunded from a multi-item order. The system wouldn't allow a refund of more than the original amount received.)
Hi Lance:

You hit the nail on the head!! I just went back and looked at the original listing and I had forgotten that I did indeed buy the card as a markdown.

$11.43 was the "original" price but I purchased the card for $8. Thus my confusion when I went back to see what I had paid and saw the $11.43.

Ebay did revert back to the "original " price on the listing after it sold.

Thanks for clearing up this mystery for me. Now I can sleep again!! :>)

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