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Default Researching Spalding Trophies - Early references/info sought

Photo courtesy Robert Edward Auctions
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Hi, I am doing a quick research on the evolution of Spalding trophies. In the hobby, the term “Spalding Trophy” has generally come to mean one the five Type A examples in the photo above. But of course there are other trophies bearing the Spalding name, which Spalding issued. I’m interested to learn about any early trophy issued by Spalding, not just thee “Spalding’s“. Actually I’d like to learn of the earliest know Spalding trophy. Below is a list of specific information I seek. Naturally photos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

- What is the earliest trophy known which Spalding issued, for any athletic sport.

- I seek documentation on early Spalding trophies; be it from an article in a periodical, or catalog, or correspondence of any kind. If you can take a shot of what you have and post it that would be great.

- Any documentation or photos of anything related to the Dieges and Clust concern. (Dieges and Clust produced the type A trophies above)

- I would even be interested in info on non Spalding trophies if they were very early, from like anything pre 1880.

I will be sure to send a link to this thread, to Michael Weigner, who’s grandfather was Colonel Charles J. Dieges (1865-1953) who founded Dieges and Clust.

I’m doing this quick research for a friend, but it’s a great interest of mine anyway. So I hope to do a story on the subject someday (like as if I didn’t have the 09’ National story to do) and may use what I glean here. With Leon’s permission of course.
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