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Originally Posted by 58pinson View Post
As a Ranger fan I got to see lots of him the last several years. Heck of a player, but not sorry to see him leave town. Just a suspicion, but Lamoriello's well established history of being an extreme cheapskate (as well as a great GM to build a team) might have had something to do with this. Gotta think Leaf fans are going to love this guy.
I think John is right up there as definitely one of the greatest in today's game. Top 5, imo, anyways.
Unfortunately, I never got to see him play much during his tenure with the NYIs, but if I had to guess, based on what I have seen, I would guess John was looking forward to a change?
9 years and never really going anywhere as a team has to wear one down, imo.

Bringing Lou and Trotz in, imo, was too late for John to change his mind as I believe it was already made up that he wouldn't be returning.

Coming to the Leafs will be a big change for him as the media attention and all the other attention outside the arena will be something he'll have to get use to in a big hurry, but I'm sure he is well aware of that.

Speaking of cards, this trade certainly has ignited a frenzy/sudden interest in his RC and others.

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