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I'm focused on completing and a couple different sets and subsets. I've been a college football fan for most of my life and just naturally gravitated to those cards. So, as it stands, I'm working on collector grade versions of the following sets.

1961 Nu-Card (much to do, not an immediate focus)
1955 Topps All American (nearly finished, prob just 10-15 left)
1952 Bowman Large and Small subsets (just players w/ college listed on front)
1951 Topps Magic
1948 Leaf (just players w/ college listed in bio on back, think '49 has no college)
1948 Topps Magic Photo
1935 Natinonal Chicle (was just going to do Knute, Nags and Johnston, but figured I might as well collect the rest if going for Nags)
1929 Peoples Baking Football
1895 N302 (got a handful, still a long way to go, and feeling like I should just ignore our anonymous friend outright)

And you can add to this list a couple other random cards sprinkled throughoutother tough sets (Shotwell "Illinois Famous Half Back," N162 Beecher, etc.) Well, as you can see I have a long freaking way to go. Not sure if I'm going to run out of money or time on earth as a I work towards this incomplete list. Wish me luck...
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