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Originally Posted by mintacular View Post
Screw baseball, it's the only major sport without a cap and small market teams like Pittsburgh are SCREWED year after year trying to compete with large market teams with x10 the payroll. Until that get fixes MLB deserves every ounce of negative media publicity...
Many arguments could be made about baseball's problems and needed reforms, but I wouldn't use the Pirates as your sympathy case. It has been well-documented in recent months how the Pirates ownership has been taking all of that revenue-sharing welfare from the richer teams and instead of spending it to improve the team, sticking it in the owners pockets.

In fact, documents leaked to the Associated Press suggest that the woeful Pittsburgh Pirates might have pursued a strategy of losing in order to maximize the team's profitability in the last three seasons.

As I was saying, you may want to make the same argument, but you won't get much sympathy from me for the current group of dirtbags running the Pirates.
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