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Originally Posted by smtjoy View Post
The Pirates organization deserves a lot of the blame for the losing, they have sucked, thats for sure but they pretty much have to be perfect in order to succeed and even if they do have a year they make a run, they have little to no chance of staying on top simply by the fact they cant resign any stars they have. The amount of top talent the pirates have lost to free agency over the last 10 years is sad.

The only real chance the Pirates have of being a contender on a yearly basis is the day they get a new billion dollar owner who only cares about winning and can eat the losses to build up the team and farm systems.
Did you read my previous post about how the current Pirates ownership has purposely pursued a strategy of losing in order to pocket the revenue sharing money they get from rich teams? They take in more from revenue sharing than they spend on their entire payroll. This isn't sad, its a crime against Pirates fans.

All I'm saying is that you shouldn't use the Pirates as an example for why MLB needs reform, they are about the least sympathetic team out there.
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