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Originally Posted by mybestbretts View Post
I kept all my cards in binders for years. Most were 1959- 90's on up. They weren't handled, just stored. I found over time the 70's cards corners broke down.
I finally took them out put them in sleeves in top loaders. I had probably
14 Brett and Yount rookies that wouldn't grade over a 7. Made me sick.
Newer cards may hold up better, but my older cards didn't. Don't know if
its the part of the country but I took all my cards out of binders and tossed them.
How did you have them stored? Never heard of cards getting broke down by just sitting in binders. Makes me a little scared! I have 1953-1979 Topps sets in binders and 1950-1955 Bowman as well.
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