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Originally Posted by packs View Post
Corey Dickerson was able to make the transition. He's having a pretty ridiculous year so far for Tampa Bay after leaving Coors.
So you're going to ignore the full season in which he hit .245 in favor of the less than 1/3 of a season where he's tearing it up? Call me at the end of the season, at least, maybe after the end of two good seasons in a row before I'm a believer.

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Of course there's a noticeable home advantage in many parks, and lots of players perform better at home, but Coors is a different beast entirely. It's not just the power numbers either. How many .280 hitters became batting champs at Coors? They moved the outfield walls out due to the thin air, so there is a ton more room for balls to drop in for hits. Historically nothing like the consistent disparate home/away splits exist in any park to the ridiculous degree they are present at Coors.
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