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Originally Posted by rsn1661 View Post
I saw Journey and Asia 2 weeks ago. Asia was very good, the highlight was Carl Palmers drum solo. The man is a machine.

This is the sixth time that I have seen Journey, and probably my least favorite of the six. I would have liked a few more 70s songs and a lot less Neil Shon solos. One would have been fine, cut in half, but 4? Just a bit self-indulgent. It also would have been nice of them to introduce the new keyboardist and let him have a short solo like everyone else.

If it sound like I am complaining, I am not. They still put on an awesome show. Saw them 3 times in 79 and the last 3 times with Arnel Pineda. The guy had some huge shoes to fill and does a great job.

About a month ago I saw a 2 day country concert at Ohio Stadium with 10 bands including Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert and several others. I thought the lineup was a bit weak with the opening groups compared to the last 2 years, but still a good show.
Rich, Great minds think alike. Both drum solos were top great. They were touting Neil as a guitar god. Hmmm. When you've seen Clapton, Alvin Lee, Jeff Beck and Stanley Jordan it's kind of a stretch to put him anywhere near that status. I could name 6 others I've seen that had less solo time that could run circles around him. Still a great time had by all.
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