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Originally Posted by maximus35 View Post
I'm glad I found this thread as I am also an 89 fleer errors hoarder. I've purchased tons of boxes searching for the clear Marlboro sign and the Ripken white out version (most rare one). I have pulled many of the Marlboro versions but none with the sign completely visible. I have many that look like it could be it until I saw the blog. Does anybody know the # on the cases of the early productions before the ad was first partially blocked out? Also, does anybody know which cases would contain the Ripken white out versions? I've pulled many FF ripkens and other errors but no Boggs. I'm under the impression that the Marlboro sign fully visible versions got corrected so early on that those boxes do not exist anymore. Somebody please help!!
I don't know the case # for the Johnson error, it was completely corrected way before the Ripkens. I have an insane collection of both cards and have never seen a nonaltered version of the Ripken whiteout or the Johnson clear sign. I also know most of the guys with insane collections of both and not a single one of them has pulled either from a pack.

On the Ripken whiteout the top collectors don't even agree on what is real and what is fake. I know for a fact that PSA and Beckett has graded many obvious altered cards.

As for the Boggs, I have been hording it since the beginning and have 3 total. I pack pulled 1, a friend pack pulled 1 he gave me about a year ago, and I got 1 from a guy on the BO forum. Besides those 3 I have only seen maybe 3 others total.
T210 Series 3 Ft Worth, looking for low end examples and especially ones with a Y shaped hole punch. I also have some extra T210's for trade.
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