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Originally Posted by bnorth View Post
Do you have all 3 versions of the Johnson Green Scribble? There is a version with just the black blob that covers the word Marlboro. There is a version with the blob plus a black bar through the middle of the blob. Then there is a version with just the black bar through the word Marlboro. On the last version you can clearly see the tops of the letters l and b. The last one was by far the hardest version for me to find. It took me a couple years to track one down.
I think Fleer actually made 2 different attempts(possibly more) of the "black scribble/green scribble" cards. Within each attempt the cards can be found with very little green tinting up to a large amount of green tinting. You can read the Marlboro on the lightly tinted cards and as the cards get more tinting the Marlboro becomes indistinguishable.
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