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Originally Posted by 1952boyntoncollector View Post
I agree Mcgriff is a better choice over Galarraga and i think he was just one average year away from the HOF...he would of topped 500 homers and a batting average over .280 and over 1600 RBIs and was top 20 in MVP 8 times.. also hit .300 in the postseason and won a championshop.

Delgado was 7 x top 20 MVP .280 lifetime and 473 homers..1500 rbis only in 10 postseason games... I still like Galarraga over Delgado.... but mcgriff over both
I guess you could argue that if Perez-Cepeda-Rice got in so should all of these guys with roughly similar careers, but I am fine with not admitting any of them as to me they are a definite one tier below.
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