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Originally Posted by bravos4evr View Post
moving the goal posts logical fallacy.

Namath was below avg for completion % in his era you say? NOT A HOF player then.

approximate value is a good modern football stat btw and it lists him as an avg QB not good, and surely not a HOF'er, only Namath fanboys and old farts think differently and neither have an opinion worth listening too
NO, I only did 1966 when he was above, and 1972 when he was below. Overall from what I saw of completion percentages during those years there wasn't much swing above or below average for anyone.

You picked 60% as "adequate" and in 72 only the league leader was over 60%. From 1960- 70, out of 22 league leaders only 9 were over 60%
For the entire 1960's the league average never got over 54% and that was only one year, most others were just under 52%
Unitas - never broke 60% for a season.
Bart Starr - was only over 60% 4 times in 16 years.
Tarkenton - didn't go over 60% from 1961 to 1972

So I guess they sucked too?

Get away from the calculator and watch a few games. Then YOU might be worth listening to.
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