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Originally Posted by TUM301 View Post
If there`s any one player more responsible for the NFL being what it is today, the most popular and profitable pro enterprise going, I`d like to know. Broadway Joe was exactly what the AFL needed and was" at the right place at the right time". Bama to New York for him, he and they basically lit the fuse and took an "air it out attitude", attitude being the key, and gave the public a different look. Stats are one thing, and they mean a lot when talking H O F, but influence and history have to be taken into account. Do I take Namath as my "go to" to win me one game, probably not. But there are very few moments in American sports lore that were more influential than the Jets/Colts S Bowl. Namath`s on and off the field approach at a time when media was very limited made him and the moment a HOF`er for me. Just my 2 cents.................

The best was watching those "old fart" NFL supporters who put down Namath, the Jets and the entire AFL eat, swallow and choke on their words after the game.

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