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Default this is what i am talking about!

this is what I have been complaining about for a long long time!

wtf.....why can't they simply send a report with the card??? or label the flip correctly???????

"AUTH" is supposedly just trimmed cards, or missing a lot of real estate...

"ALTERED"- is anything "done" to the card like , add material, coloring, glue, extra "paper" ect WHICH I HATE HATE BEING DONE TO A CARD! any manipulation or foreign added "stuff" makes it altered....

I will buy a "trimmed card" but will not buy an "altered" card....

I had this problem with 2 higher profile cards that I was eyeing up- one is psa and one is card looks like it had "coloring" added to a significant wrinkle on the front, BUT WAS JUST GRADED " AUTH" !!!!!!!! UGH!!the other just graded as "AUTH" also, but just appears to be trimmed.....the owner of both cards was confused himself....

this is the problem- list what is wrong on the backside of the flip like a bvg report on corners, edges, ect


so simple!!!!!! I guess these grading companies like to be vague , this way they can cop out and just generally state "auth" or "altered" with rarely an explaination

soooooooooo stupid

so why not put the correct concern on the flip?????????!!!!!
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