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Originally Posted by mrvster View Post
"AUTH" is supposedly just trimmed cards, or missing a lot of real estate...

"ALTERED"- is anything "done" to the card like , add material, coloring, glue, extra "paper" ect WHICH I HATE HATE BEING DONE TO A CARD! any manipulation or foreign added "stuff" makes it altered....
Technically, I think a trimmed card is an "altered" card because it was "altered" by trimming.

I guess most anything that is AUTH is probably altered in some way. A good example of AUTH could be a skinned OJ. I suppose you could say it was altered because the back is peeled off (by accident or on purpose - does it really matter). The card wasn't trimmed.... just thinned....

Ok, so what is an AUTH card?

There have been threads about just how much alteration should be allowed before it's just a Franken-card. Wasn't there a Wagner T206 that appeared to have the sides trimmed, but after the "alteration" (they called it "restoration") the card had a standard width... that is just crazy... it's not even the same card when that much "alteration" takes place.
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