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Originally Posted by SAllen2556 View Post
It's just easier to take a chance on something like baseball cards right now because....what the hell. I'm not gonna earn money putting it in the bank. If you have cash, what's the point of buying a 6 month cd? Interest rates on savings accounts are basically zero, and have been for years. Interest rates on Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth > 0.

....until the next MLB work stoppage, that is.

People are also buying classic pickup trucks right now too. Unfortunately, I don't have enough room in my garage. I wonder how coins are doing?

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This is a good point, I think. I'm not sold that a herd mentality would be the biggest factor in prices driving up - and in particular, that's because the herd mentality didn't work very well with the Koufax rookie market manipulation a couple years ago. If a herd mentality is all it takes, that card would have stayed at the inflated prices. And FWIW, the fact that that manipulation didn't seem to have a long-term impact makes me think that the hobby is probably in a healthy place.
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