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Originally Posted by Exhibitman View Post
Which one are you looking for?

Hi Adam,

I'm looking for these 8 cards to finish my T220 Tolstoi run:
Joe Choynski, Jack Dempsey, Mike Donovan of To-Day, Billy Edwards, Frank Klaus, Terry McGovern, Tom Sharkey, Driscoll/Glover.

Also looking for these white-bordered Mecca's to finish the T220 master set:
Jack Burke (Mecca Factory 30)
Tommy Burns (Mecca Factory 30)
Joe Choynski (Mecca Factory 30)
James J. Corbett (Mecca Factory 30)
Young Corbett (Mecca Factory 30)
Leach Cross (Mecca Factory 30)
Jack Dempsey (Mecca Factory 30)
Billy Edwards (Mecca Factory 649)
Bob Fitzsimmons (Mecca Factory 30)
Joe Gans (Mecca Factory 30)
Charlie Goldman (Mecca Factory 30)
Jack Goodman (Mecca Factory 30)
Young Griffo (Mecca Factory 649)
John C. Heenan (Mecca Factory 30)
Peter Jackson (Mecca Factory 30)
Jem Mace (Mecca Factory 30)
Frankie Madden (Mecca Factory 30)
Peter Maher (Mecca Factory 649)
Jack McAuliffe (Mecca Factory 649)
Kid McCoy (Mecca Factory 30)
Charlie Mitchell (Mecca Factory 30)
Pal Moore (Mecca Factory 30)
Tommy Ryan (Mecca Factory 649)
Freddie Welsh (Mecca Factory 30)
Tug Wilson (Mecca Factory 30)
Fight Between Heenan/Sayers (Mecca Factory 649)
Fight Between Jeffries/Sharkey (Mecca Factory 30)
Fight Between Mace/King (Mecca Factory 30
Fight Between Randall/Turner (Mecca Factory 30)

If anybody has lower grade dupes, I'd love to buy them!

P.S. - picked up a copy of your 2016-2017 edition Boxing cards book a few days back. Learned a ton about the Exhibits and more obscure 19th century issues and cabinets. Wonderfully thorough research. Will get to the E and T card sections soon
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