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Default Psa = joke

Very disturbing indeed. The bump-up game has become a lucrative business in itself (this is not news) but this organized event, in my opinion, truly undermines the integrity of third party grading.
This email really confirms what we all know if going on anyway. It's a shame that we as collectors continue to be slaves to a plastic holder with a name on top and take it up the ass by these guys with a smile on our face. There service SUCKS! Truly it sucks! There owner is an ego maniac that has zero problem standing in front of a room full of PSA faithful and without a hint of doubt proclaims "he was one of the three present when the now famous trimmed Wagner was graded and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that card was not trimmed", yet there seems to be zero backlash when it goes public that the card is indeed trimmed! This is the only business in the world that I can think of where you get in the ass and get kicked in the balls time and time again as collectors, and we gladly come back with a smile on our face. Unreal!

And before anyone goes off on me, I am speaking squarely to myself with the statement above.
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