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Default T205's

I completed a 209-card (includes Hoblitzell No-Stats) T205 set in the 1990' was quite inexpensive back then. Then I sold this set to a Net54 member.

Now, I dabble with certain T205 patterns that interest me. Such as completing an A - B - C - D Quadruplicate run. Here are some examples of such.....

Still looking for the DRUM cards of Huggins and Lobert. Any help finding them is greatly appreciated.

. . .
... . ..

And, then there is those neat looking Minor Leaguers. I refer to them as the T205 "Exclusive 12".

This mis-cut gem tells us this Eddie Collins card was Double-Printed horizontally.


This mis-print indicates that John Titus and Tony Smith were adjacent cards on this printed sheet.

And, last but not least......


T206 Reference
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