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Default I know......

Originally Posted by Bpm0014 View Post
Beautiful baseball! But why spend $cyyoungwins to get a letter from PSA if you're not going to sell it? Save your money man! But again, beautiful baseball.

This topic has been debated forever BUT someday if it stays in my family, My kids or their kids may need to sell it and I'd rather have it set up for success so they don't have to get the letter etc...., also, the ball was not found in the bargain bin so I do have real money into it so deep down, I'd like to have that peace of mind since I took the full risk that it might be a secretarial or worse a forged ball. I think it is 100% legit and signed by Babe Ruth never know right? I would have passed or asked the seller to take the risk if I had real doubts.

Thanks for asking that question as its a legit point of view and will be debated as long as there are TPGs out there!

Peace, Mike

PS I've always respected your opinions and especially on Ruth baseballs so I assume you like the authenticity of this ball from what you said in your post?

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