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Originally Posted by jhs5120 View Post
Okay, so I pulled the last 90 day s of order info (406 orders) and with Paypal, my fees came to 3.136%, with eBay (including the $.25 per listing) came to 3.039%. I would save $49.65 under the new managed payments. Then again, my average order price was $122.88 and 76% of my orders were for single items.

Is $200 per year worth the hassle of opening a new bank account and dealing with a 2-3 business day float? No.

Also, before, buyer's would have two avenues to dispute a sale (eBay and paypal). Now they will have eBay and their credit card company. This may cause additional issues for sellers.
As a buyer, we currently have 3 avenues to dispute a sale. Ebay, PayPal, and the credit card tied to my PayPal account.
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