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Originally Posted by bobbyw8469 View Post
Sigh...more filth spewed by you.....are you EVER in a good mood? Is there anything you LIKE about this hobby?? If not, then maybe you should find a new one.
I'm always in a good mood, you know that from the personal e-mail I sent you. when I was trying to help a friend. Sorry to have bothered you little boy.

I just despise fraud & companies that help them that are too big to fail, like e-bay and your favorite PS effin A. Sorry, Fraud just pisses me off is all and I don't line their pockets with my money like you do. you are very much a dumb ass for feeding the monster, IMHO. It's the principal which I stand for something, unlike yourself who stands for nothing. Keep popping nimrod. FYI, Bobby Brady I have many other hobbies like collecting cars and 100 dollar bills. Don't really need cards to pop for my excitement

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