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Originally Posted by KCRfan1 View Post
Ted, please give us some insight to why the position of the card on the sheet lends itself to a rough cut.

Hi Lou

Bowman cards were printed by Zabel Bros. Printers (in Philly). They employed 38" track (4-color process) printing presses to produce their small size (1948 - 1952) BB and FB cards.
Each press run produced a 72-card sheet. Two 36-card formats were printed (inverted with respect to each other) on a 38-inch wide cardboard sheet (see sheet scan below).

The first cut of the 72-card sheet was done to separate the two 36-card arrangements. This first cut was a "rough" cut relative to the subsequent "sharp" cuts of the individual cards.

This first cut resulted in the cards in the middle of this sheet [Pieretti, Snider, Russell, and Mize (name on front)] having a rough left border.


T206 Reference

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