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Ted - the depth of your knowledge on many issues is just staggering. Thanks for your regular contributions. While general bitching and moaning will always have a prominent place on Net 54, it's nice to come here and learn things too. General thanks for posting.

Originally Posted by tedzan View Post
Hi Lou

Bowman cards were printed by Zabel Bros. Printers (in Philly). They employed 38" track (4-color process) printing presses to produce their small size (1948 - 1952) BB and FB cards.
Each press run produced a 72-card sheet. Two 36-card formats were printed (inverted with respect to each other) on a 38-inch wide cardboard sheet (see sheet scan below).

The first cut of the 72-card sheet was done to separate the two 36-card arrangements. This first cut was a "rough" cut relative to the subsequent "sharp" cuts of the individual cards.

This first cut resulted in the cards in the middle of this sheet [Pieretti, Snider, Russell, and Mize (name on front)] having a rough left border.


T206 Reference
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