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Default 1989 Ithaca, NY

My first show was at the Sheraton in Ithaca, NY. Back in those days, it was a lot of cases and binders. I was hell bent on collecting all the cards of my favorite Yankee, Dave Winfield. The first show I went to was also special, because it was my first time meeting a Major League player, Jim Eppard. I went through all my cards, and found that I had two of his '89 Topps from his time with the Angels. I was SO excited, it was a rainy Saturday, and my mom dropped me at the front door, saying that she would wait while I ran in and did a quick loop and got my autograph. I flew through the show, maybe bought a '78 Winfield, and went over and met Mr. Eppard. I was so nervous as I handed over my $5 for a photo for him to sign. "What's your name?" He asked reaching for the photo, "Hello sir, my name is Brian, thank you for signing this." He grabbed the cards from my shaking hands, signed it all and stated "Sure thing kid." I was on cloud nine as I ran to the car. Still shaking I pulled the photo out to show my mom the prize I had just scored. Delight turned to udder disgust.

"TO BRAIN, BEST WISHES - Jim Eppard" Read the inscription

I was crushed. I still have it, but so began the end of collecting anything signed by anyone. Never bought an autograph since, never asked for an autograph since. Though it did make for a good story.
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