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Originally Posted by teetwoohsix View Post
Great thread Steve !!

I thought I had one with one of these lines, but I'm not finding it in my scans. I'll check the cards in the next few days to see if I do, my scans suck.
Great observation though, I hope this goes somewhere- any pieces to the puzzle help

Sincerely, Clayton
Anything helps. The scans I have so far are almost entirely from Ebay. So they're the whole range Nice big ones, blurry, tiny....

I'm still working out a way to try to arrange them. I'll probably make a bunch of back images cut them out and draw in the lines to make it like a big puzzle. Pretty old fashioned, but that's the way the stamp guys did it back in the 30's when they couldn't legally show a picture of a stamp or even a complete drawing. Amazing work, usually reconstructing entire press sheets of 2-400 stamps from tiny differences and pairs strips and blocks.

Steve B
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