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This is not in stone but a general guideline from my experience with Auction Houses.

If you items will go in the 100's, you will give them 15-20% of the final bid (whatever their consignment fee states), plus they get the entire buyers premium.

If your items are in the low 1000's, you can negotiate a 5%-10% consignment fee, again they get the entire BP too.

If your item goes in the 5K-50K range you definitely can get a 0% consignment fee and they make their dough off the BP.

If you have 100K and up, it's a 0% consignment fee and you can even get a piece of the BP at that point, not sure if 1, 2, or 3% - bring your Scott Boras skills to the table.

If you can't get what you want you try the next auction house and then the next. There are at least 10 good ones out there if not more. Just like playing GM in baseball, eventually you will find a team that will make the trade you want.

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