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Originally Posted by David Atkatz View Post
Oh, I see...
You're only looking for "understanding" opinions.
"Only those who agree with me need respond."

Yeah. The guy shoulda mentioned "reprint" in the title. But you didn't do your due diligence. Period. Can't always blame things on the other guy.

"As my dear old grandfather Litvak said (just before they swung the trap), he said 'You can't cheat an honest man. Never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump.' " - W. C. Fields
Originally Posted by Mark70Z View Post

Remember "you" asked for an opinion and you received opinions from the forum. Good and bad you should consider the opinions you asked for even if you disagree.

My opinion is if it's too good to be true it usually is and you purchased an item that has reprint on the pic. I would agree seller should have listed it this way, but buyer beware.

Didn't see that return policy. I just don't like being talked to Rudely. It's over now anyways
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